10 Benefits and Uses of Hemp Oil

As the rules on CBD and Hemp continue to loosen, hemp seeds are rising in popularity and demand. More people were interested in buying and growing them because of the many health benefits and uses of hemp oil. 

 Now that it’s out in the open, more people have a renewed interest in cannabidiol (CBD)  and hemp for medicinal purposes. In June 2018, the US Food and Drug Association approved the use of the purified form of cannabis oil to treat rare kinds of epilepsy which cause massive seizures.

What is Cannabidiol?


CBD oil is a combination of cannabidiol which is extracted from the marijuana plant (Cannabis Sativa) and hemp seed or coconut oil. CBD oil is a processed and refined version of cannabis that is non-psychoactive. This means that people who use the oil get none of the “highs” or “trips” associated with marijuana. Cannabis oil, which comes from cannabis flowers, is high in (tetrahydrocannabinol) or THC while hemp oil has higher CBD levels. The combination makes it safer to use for various applications.

CBD oil is now being used in cancer treatment, chronic pain management, and managing stress and anxiety.  Here are 10 benefits and uses of hemp oil and CBD oil.

Pain management


CBD oil is a popular option for pain relief. According to studies, CBD oil helps the body’s cells respond to pain by sending chemical signals to the brain and the immune system. It first interacts with protein cells and eventually signals the cells to respond differently to pain. Patients with chronic pain, especially those resulting from injury, use CBD oil regularly. For one, it is all-natural and does not pose harm to the kidneys and liver as chemical-based pain meds do.

Anxiety treatment


People with anxiety often find it hard to function in a different environment. When they are exposed outside or have to work with other people, their anxiety is triggered. They become panicky, sweaty, and unable to focus. CBD oil offers relief from the condition. The THC levels (mostly from the hemp oil) is able to release hormones that trigger pleasure and relaxation. The oil is said to affect the CB1 receptor of the brain and this helps affect serotonin levels in the body. When more of this “happiness” chemical is produced, stress and anxiety levels also go down.

Cancer Treatment


CBD oil is being given to cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It helps relieve the side effects of the cancer treatment which include feelings of anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. As a treatment itself, more research needs to be done to determine of CBD oil can really fight cancer. For now, it used by some patients for preventive effects. Some cases also say CBD oil can help shrink tumors down.

Acne treatment


Yes, that’s right. CBD oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties much as tea tree oil does. Applying the oil directly on the face helps lower sebum or oil production. It is also able to fight off bacteria and the inflammatory cytokines that cause acne. This is certainly good news for teenagers and young adults who feel shy and isolated because of their bad breakouts.

Heart Health

CBD oil can be classified as a “good oil” like olive, canola, or coconut oil. It balances out the bad oils in the body as well as excess cholesterol. The oil also stimulates processes to strengthen your cardiovascular system. CBD hemp seeds are used to produce CBD oil which helps lower the incidences of strokes and heart attacks.  The antioxidants found in CBD and hemp oil combat oxidative stress. Overall, it minimizes the occurrence of heart-related problems.

Brain Health


CBD oil has also been used to aid patients with Alzheimer’s diseases, an illness characterized by a decline in a person’s neurological and cognitive abilities. Research is still being conducted to observe the effect of CBD oil in Parkinson’s disease, Dravet syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has invested in CBD research for Parkinson’s disease.

Relief for Migraines


Migraines are painful and paralyzing. When you have a migraine attack, the best you can do is hide inside a dark room and wait for the pain to pass. CBD oil is being seen as an effective and topical solution for migraine. Cannabis and CBD oil can also be prescribed to combat the symptoms of headaches.

Reducing Glaucoma

As people age, their eyesight also starts getting affected. Besides blurred vision, older people also suffer from glaucoma. Those who’d rather not have surgery to correct the problem turns to CBD oil and cannabis essential oil. Studies are being conducted to verify its positive effects in reducing glaucoma as well as preventing macular degeneration.

Treatment for Sleep Problems


Insomnia and other sleep problems can leave a person feeling tired, exhausted, and irritable during the day. Cannabis and THC products may be used in combination to help the body and mind relax. This lowers the body’s energy level, lowers the heart rate, and clears a person’s head thereby coaxing the body to have a restful, deep sleep.

New Skincare Regimen


CBD oil and hemp oil are used to protect the skin and are now being used as skincare products. The oil can be applied topically or taken internally. It stimulates the shedding of old skin, regeneration of new skin cells, and faster skin re-growth. The oils also prevent signs of aging, sun damage, and help protect the skin from psoriasis and eczema.

Besides the CBD benefits, hemp is also one of the most sustainable and strongest plants on the planet. It can be grown quickly and easily without using pesticides and herbicides. It has been around for centuries and was used as a durable natural fiber by industries and households.

If you’re interested in growing your own hemp, choose the high CBD hemp seeds and ask for advice on how to cultivate them properly. You’ll have your own supply of CBD oil for personal use or for commercial purposes.

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