4 Adaptogenic Herbs to Fight Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand and are among the highest-ranking killer diseases today and manifest themselves in various forms. Suffering from any of these conditions is also a symptom of other ailments and worsens if it goes for a long time untreated. 

The effects of stress and anxiety might seem mild but can affect the quality of your life in a big way. They can lead to heart diseases, insomnia, anxiety, and unnecessary fatigue.

Although modern communities use conventional medicines to treat anxiety, older communities have used adaptogenic herbs for centuries in the treatment of anxiety and stress. 

To help you pick the best adaptogenic herbs for fighting anxiety, this article highlights some of the common adaptogenic herbs used in the treatment of stress.

What are Adaptogenic Herbs?  

Adaptogenic herbs or adaptogens work well alone or fused with foods to help in the fight against stress and anxiety. Although many people realize their benefits right now, the use of adaptogenic herbs dates back several years. In nations such as India and China, adaptogens have played an integral part in traditional medicines.

Russian scientist Israel Brekhman coined the term adaptogen and outlined guidelines for the classification of herbs as adaptogens. He put down the following criteria:

  • Increase stimulation to help improve working and mental ability. 
  • Assist the body in responding to internal and external stresses.
  • Help body organs in their formal functions.
  • Safe to use and without any adverse side effects

Using this classification, the list of herbs classified as adaptogens has grown,  with researchers using these criteria to find matching herbs within various societies. A number of them have been found to have significant use in reducing stress. Here are some of the most common.



Ashwagandha is quickly finding its way into mainstream use. It is popular for its unique abilities in fighting stress and restoring normal operations in the adrenal system.

Stress and adrenal glands have a close correlation. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone in the human body. If cortisol is continuously released, it will affect various important body functions. 

Ashwagandha can help keep cortisol production in check. This is according to a 2012 study that found a 44 percent reduction in stress levels of patients given about 300mg of ashwagandha. Its primary input is in assisting the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) to remain within the acceptable levels. 

The hypothalamus is part of the brain that acknowledges stress. In times of stress, the hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland. The signal then transports to the adrenals for the production and release of the hormones. 

When suffering from chronic stress, the HPA axis is continuously working to fight it, leading to overall poor health. This is where ashwagandha comes in; it fights the negative input by releasing antioxidants and achieving hormonal balance.



Maca root stands out among useful herbs, it is also a superfood. One characteristic of superfoods is that they may contain a variety of nutrients that are not found in other foods. Maca is a root vegetable grown in the Andes mountains. It is rich in calcium, proteins, fiber magnesium as well as amino acids including glycine and arginine. 

It is an adaptogenic used to increase or reduce hormone production. Maca is highly effective when used over a while with food or as a supplement. 

Unlike ashwagandha, maca has a pleasant taste and therefore finds good use as a food supplement. People use it in baking and making smoothies for optimum benefits. 

Maca is available for sale commercially in a variety of consumable forms such as powder, liquid, tablets as well as capsules. However, a daily dosage is essential for it to achieve the desired effect. Alternatively, one can also try their hand on to CBD Protein Powder that would help to fight anxiety and also decrease the symptoms of fatigue, causing elements that cause stress.



Schisandra falls into a category of adaptogens studied by various researchers. Athletes use it to calm nerves, combat fatigue and increase stamina. One study even concludes that Schisandra is useful in the control of blood sugar. Its uses further extend to the regulation of testosterone levels, and it is therefore considered effective in boosting sexual performance.

The chemicals found in Schisandra improve the functioning of the liver by stimulating enzymes, hence allowing the growth of liver cells and better functioning of the liver.

Research on Schisandra as an anti-anxiety herb is relatively conclusive. Findings suggest that it uplifts a consumer’s mood by lowering the levels of stress and strengthening mental capacity. 

This herb can also deliver benefits both for the outward and inward nourishment of the body. Schisandra also reduces cortisol levels, thus helping much in stress relief. Some cannabis products contain Schisandra to increase the benefit that users get. 



Like several adaptogens, the use of ginseng started several centuries ago, especially in Asia and North America. It is, however, gaining popularity around the world for the treatment of stress and anxiety. It delivers a host of other benefits to the body and now draws the attention of manufacturers and consumers of CBD products.

Ginseng is a compact, slow-growing plant that may take 4-6 years to mature. Users praise it for its ability to improve physical and mental performance as well as enhancing memory. It also helps in stimulating the central nervous system and even lowering the blood pressure.

This adaptogenic is found to be particularly useful in improving stress caused by physical strain. When tested on 19-year old football players, results showed that they were able to recover faster during rest, and there was a notable improvement in their psychomotor performance during exercise.

For people who prefer consuming ginseng mixed with other CBD products, here is a list of the best CBD brands that you can trust.


Adaptogenic herbs are instrumental in helping the body respond and fight stress and anxiety quickly and efficiently. They can be used in various forms and even used as food supplements. 

Although most of these plants are available and used in traditional form, it is wise that users seek doctor’s advice first. This is particularly important if you want to combine it with conventional medicine for the treatment of stress or any other condition.

Alternatively, you can get yourself CBD products and enjoy a number of health benefits without getting high. If you love growing cannabis then you will be glad that getting quality marijuana seeds is just about going to a website and making an order. 

Another alternative to treating these conditions is using cannabis rich in THC. Cannabis comes with various health benefits and obtaining it is easy. You can even buy weed growing kits from top sources like APotforPot right now and use your unadulterated Cannabis to treat your own stress. 

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