4 Creative Ways To Enhance Your Cannabis Consumption Experience

Curious about ways you can enhance your life via your cannabis consumption? Check below for 4 creative ways to enhance your day to day with tried and true cannabis consumption experiences!





In Colorado, cooking with cannabis has moved beyond dried-out brownies that taste like sub-par weed. Today, cannabis cuisine is a legitimate culinary specialty, and if you enjoy time in the kitchen, you should give it a try!

There’s a variety of cannabis cookbooks to help get you started. We love Bong Apetit from the editors of Munchies, and Wake and Bake by Corinne Tobias, where you’ll find recipes for every diet, including meals that are vegan and gluten-free. If sweet treats are your guilty pleasure, check out Stephanie Hua’s Edibles: Small Bites for the Cannabis Kitchen. This tasty collection contains over 25 bite-sized, starter-dosed recipes for canna-bakers of every skill level.

Not into cooking? We get it. But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying edibles. We keep a full stock of cannabis-infused culinary delights at each of our eight Colorado dispensary locations.




The variety of strains available today is astounding, and new strains are showing up all the time. Modern cannabis strains are grown to highlight specific terpenes or profiles, offering a broad range of diversity in taste, effects, and aroma. Keeping a written record of your experience with each new strain is a great way to refine your tastes, keep track of what you’ve tried, and bring focus to your cannabis consumption experience.

Not everyone wants to write a complete journal, but some type of scoring system gets the job done. Need some inspiration to get started? Look no further than the Cannabis Taster Notebook, from Goldleaf. This pocket-sized journal is designed for cannabis enthusiasts. It’s guided entry pages, graphics, tips, and tricks help you document the effects, flavors, aromas, and experiences of your favorite cannabis strains.




New cannabis product categories continue to emerge as people discover unique applications for our favorite plant. Because of this, cannabis is now a popular ingredient in spa and skincare products.

We keep a full-stock of Medical MRJN Medicinal products at Lightshade, including tinctures and patches that contain THC. Medical MRJN recently developed a skincare line, Medical MRJN Methods. The product line includes bath bombs, body scrubs, moisturizers, and more. Each product is infused with hemp-derived CBD and is the perfect way to treat you after a rough day (or any day). We also carry some amazing products from Coda Signature, including bath bombs and massage oils.

If you enjoy DIY projects, why not craft your own cannabis skincare products? Medical MRJN provides the Cannabis Spa at Home includes easy-to-follow instructions to help you create more than 70 canna-spa products, including bath salts, emulsions, and lotions. Each recipe is designed for the cannabis enthusiast to craft in the comfort of their own kitchen.



Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes recognize the therapeutic attributes of cannabis. And today, there are infused products for smoothies (like Stillwater’s Ripple) and cannabis supplements designed to help with recovery after hard workouts.

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Colorado found that eight out of ten cannabis consumers say they dose just before, or after exercise. Of those who participated in the study, most reported extra motivation, enhanced enjoyment, and improved recovery. As always, experimentation with dosage is critical, and we recommend that you start low and go slow. Don’t ruin your motivation to sweat by getting too high.

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