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Author: Jessica Smith

4 Adaptogenic Herbs to Fight Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand and are among the highest-ranking killer diseases today and manifest themselves in various forms. Suffering from any of these conditions is also a symptom of other ailments and worsens if it goes for a long time untreated.  The effects of stress and anxiety might seem mild but can […]

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How To Potentiate Kratom

Kratom is a powder produced from the leaves of an evergreen plant that belongs to the coffee family. The substance has various benefits to the user, including boosting energy levels and aiding in recovery from opioid addiction. Kratom is a naturally powerful substance with excellent health benefits. But with the help of a few everyday […]

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Cannabis and Fitness: Combining the Two for the Ultimate Workout

Many people combine different cannabis strains with their workout routines to achieve better results. It all started after various trainers found out that the benefits of CBD, which is a compound of cannabis, helps combat the limitations that come with an intense workout. Below are a few reasons why combining cannabis and fitness can help […]

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How Cannabis is a safe treatment for Postpartum Depression

Motherhood can be fascinating but also comes with challenges. Most of the challenges mothers face may seem natural, but their reality manifests in postpartum depression. Due to the overwhelming consequences this disorder can cause, many mothers are seeking a safe treatment for postpartum depression without the negative side effects certain pharmaceuticals present.  What is postpartum […]

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8 Essential Cannabis Products you Need to Know

The growing demand for cannabis-based products is creating opportunities for businesses to launch new items into the market. People are now somewhat aware of the usage proportions of cannabis and understand the effects of dependency. Also, the regulations on cannabis extracts in the products have helped control the market and draw a line of limit […]

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