Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Canadians have gotten used to their dispensaries. In the last year , however,  many of the independent dispensaries that they’ve grown to love have been closed by heavy-handed government officials. In many locations, high-priced government dispensaries with long lines and high taxes are the only option Canadian consumers are left with. Many recreational users and …

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8 Reasons Why You Need a Cannabis Consultant

A cannabis consultant can help a company develop ideas that work. Their experience makes them the perfect candidate to bounce ideas off before you throw a massive budget on a project that won’t work. Check below for 9 reasons why your business needs a  cannabis consultant.  Problem Solving   Great cannabis consultants have experienced many …

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How To Potentiate Kratom

Kratom is a powder produced from the leaves of an evergreen plant that belongs to the coffee family. The substance has various benefits to the user, including boosting energy levels and aiding in recovery from opioid addiction. Kratom is a naturally powerful substance with excellent health benefits. But with the help of a few everyday …

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