Coffee & Cannabinoids: Can Coffee and Cannabis be a Solid Pairing?

Ever wondered if coffee and cannabinoids can mix? There are a lot of products out there that infuse coffee and weed for some fantastic effect. Keep in mind, however, that there are questions that you need to ask. Do coffee and cannabis even work together? Or are you putting yourself in a bad situation? Here’s the real score. 

What are the Effects of Mixing Coffee and Cannabis?

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Mixing coffee and cannabis changes depending on many different factors. You see, cannabis has different strains that have a variety of elements to it. You want to find some weed from your marijuana dispensaries with the same effects.

For starters, coffee is a stimulant. The effects of cannabis can change from person to person. It can mellow you down and relax like a depressant or make you energetic like a stimulant.

A well-known detail in the cannabis industry is the difference between Sativa and Indica. Sativa strains of cannabis give you an energetic high with social productivity. Indica strains, however, mellows you down for that relaxing, couch-lock feel.

Going by these criteria alone, it tells you that you want a Sativa cannabis. You would want to ask your marijuana dispensaries a good Sativa to mix with your coffee. Many studies show that this isn’t as easy as it seems.

Looking Beyond Cannabis Stains


In newer research, studies show that terpenes, substances that give cannabis its smell, are crucial. Different concentrations of terpenoid provide different effects that go well with the boosts from coffee.

For example, limonene gives cannabis the zippy, citrusy notes. It also improves mood and reduces stress. Pinene, on the other hand, provides a pine-like fragrance and helps boost memory and reduce pain.

There’s also the ratio of caffeine to THC with your coffee and cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive compound in your marijuana.

Studies in 2014 show that when you consume low caffeine, there will be fewer THC cravings. If you consume higher amounts of caffeine, however, your THC cravings heighten.

What does this mean for you? Well, more caffeine means your body craves for more THC, so you’ll take more.

Risks of Combining Cannabis and Caffeine


Mixing caffeine and cannabis has no reported extreme risks of which people should be aware of. People have varying reactions to both, so combining them should be a case to case basis. If you’re not good with caffeine in the first place, adding THC can give you a very strong high.

If you plan on mixing, start with your marijuana dispensaries. Ask them for the right way to take the cannabis that you buy from them. Time of the day and activity can be a crucial step to prevent any mishaps.

Start small. Take small amounts of coffee/caffeine and cannabis together and try to gauge what you feel. See if you’re feeling something unpleasant in your body.

Give yourself 30 minutes before you start changing the dose. Go for a higher or lower dose, depending on what you feel. If you’re not feeling pleasant, stop at this point or lower your intake to acclimate.

As much as possible, track your use. Write down what time you took and how much and add the adjustments you did after. It’s best to follow the changes in your intake.

Why? It’s easy to miss how much you’re taking with cannabinoids and coffee. Caffeine works in free form between coffee shots and energy drinks. Your marijuana will be in a pre-measured form from your marijuana dispensaries.

Tracking your intake means you can look at which point you’ll feel unpleasant. You can check if there’s progress in how much you can take in.

How to Mix Cannabinoids in Your Coffee?


There are different ways to incorporate coffee and cannabinoids. The simplest you can do is roll yourself a blunt and smoke it with your coffee. Some good black coffee or espresso-based drinks should be right for you.

There’s also a matter of edibles that you can take. Edibles like cookies and brownies go great with coffee or energy drinks. Do so without trying to rush out so you can enjoy the flavors and the aroma

Don’t smoke or take caffeine on someone else’s clock. It’s best to take both substances in your own time. If you have to do so, do one hit and go.

Look for different ways you can try cannabis with coffee. Start with a sweet, heady Sativa to give you the right energetic buzz. 

Ask Your Marijuana Dispensaries for the Right Advice


When you go to marijuana dispensaries, it’s best to find out if caffeine and cannabis mix. Ask for advice from people with experience and ask for a good strain of marijuana. Do it slowly until you’re ready to take more.

If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, check resources about cannabis. There’s a ton of literature and helpful guides for it online, so we’re sure you’ll find useful info. Talk to your local marijuana dispensaries so they can give you excellent advice.

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