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Category: Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture from around the globe.

Why CBD is the Best for Chapped Lips

Dried out, split and cracked puckers are the standard to determine chapped lips. This can be caused by a few factors that include certain medications, certain types of weather or excessive licking of the lips Dry or chapped lips are a typical condition that happens for many people. Certain people may experience an extreme type […]

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Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Canadians have gotten used to their dispensaries. In the last year , however,  many of the independent dispensaries that they’ve grown to love have been closed by heavy-handed government officials. In many locations, high-priced government dispensaries with long lines and high taxes are the only option Canadian consumers are left with. Many recreational users and […]

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4 Adaptogenic Herbs to Fight Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand and are among the highest-ranking killer diseases today and manifest themselves in various forms. Suffering from any of these conditions is also a symptom of other ailments and worsens if it goes for a long time untreated.  The effects of stress and anxiety might seem mild but can […]

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Cannabis and Fitness: Combining the Two for the Ultimate Workout

Many people combine different cannabis strains with their workout routines to achieve better results. It all started after various trainers found out that the benefits of CBD, which is a compound of cannabis, helps combat the limitations that come with an intense workout. Below are a few reasons why combining cannabis and fitness can help […]

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Marijuana Dispensary Cotati Packages Cannabis in Cans

In spite of the fact that its made of tin, regularly utilized during war times and not unreasonably beautiful to see it, cans are making a rebound because of a little known inlet area dispensary called Cotati. Cotati has been driving this renaissance in the most far-fetched of enterprises–Maryjane. The dispensary has expanded its notoriety […]

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9 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

What is CBD? With the legalization of cannabis now in effect, many Canadians are turning to this natural plant for its numerous health benefits. For those trying to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical treatments, CBD oil may be the perfect solution. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is just one of more than a hundred […]

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10 Benefits and Uses of Hemp Oil

As the rules on CBD and Hemp continue to loosen, hemp seeds are rising in popularity and demand. More people were interested in buying and growing them because of the many health benefits and uses of hemp oil.   Now that it’s out in the open, more people have a renewed interest in cannabidiol (CBD)  and […]

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