How To Potentiate Kratom

Kratom is a powder produced from the leaves of an evergreen plant that belongs to the coffee family. The substance has various benefits to the user, including boosting energy levels and aiding in recovery from opioid addiction. Kratom is a naturally powerful substance with excellent health benefits. But with the help of a few everyday foods, you can potentiate this powder. The constituents of these foods act as a strong base for the alkaloids within kratom to bind and initiate chemical reactions. This way, you can boost the efficiency of the powder and achieve the benefits you expect even with lower dosages. Here are a few simple ways to power up your kratom.

Add a pinch of Turmeric


Turmeric is a natural ingredient that forms a crucial part of the diet in Indian cuisine. One of the reasons behind the same is the presence of antibacterial properties and curcumin content that offer a wide range of health benefits to the users. Turmeric, in combination with kratom powder, can act as a powerful potentiator. The two ingredients combine to boost the benefits of each other. Turmeric helps the effects of kratom to stay longer when consumed together. Combining turmeric with kratom can also help increase the shelf life of the powder. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which enhances the capability of kratom, and together they can create a miracle.

Add Kratom to a strong dose of Chamomile Tea


There is nothing comparable to the soothing flavors of chamomile and the relaxing properties it has on the body. These benefits can feel elevated when used in combination with kratom powder. Chamomile tea is yet another powerful potentiators for kratom. This combination is best suited for relaxing the body and achieving pain relief effects. A strong cup of chamomile tea added with a dose of powder will give you a lengthy and soothing high. Red kratom is the best strain to work in combination with chamomile as a potentiator as it does not have energy-boosting properties and hence will not clash with the effects of the tea.

Mix it with a glass of Grapefruit Juice


Grapefruit juice is a great choice of potentiator to work with kratom powder. The juice is acidic, and not only elevates the benefits of the powder but also increases the time taken for absorption in the body. It ensures that the effects stay longer, and you slowly enjoy the benefits of kratom. The juice slows down the processing of the compounds in the liver that enhances the benefits you can expect from the powder. The enzymes present in grapefruit juice help breakdown the alkaloids in the powder. Breaking down the effects of the powder ensures the compound stays much longer in the body. Adding to grapefruit juice is also one of the tastiest ways of consuming good quality kratom. You can add a few spoons of the powder to the juice and include it in your regular diet to receive the best benefits.

Mix it with some Watercress


One of the most surprising potentiators on this list is watercress. It is a highly hydrated form of lettuce that contains a lot of nutrients. This strong blend of nutrients bonds with the terpenes and alkaloids present in the kratom that enhances the strength of the powder naturally. It increases the length of the effects more than the intensity and is also an effective way of mutually improving the results of both ingredients.

Add a mixture of Kratom with Akuamma Seeds


Among the various potentiators listed here, Akumaa seeds have a very distinct taste of its own. Hence it forms a unique mixture in combination with kratom. The seeds are small in size, and hence it is best to ground them to a powder before you use it in combination. The powder has a slightly bitter flavor and can be difficult to consume with kratom. Yet it can spike the intensity of the effects effectively and ensure you enjoy a long and intense feeling of the ingredients in your body.

A splash of caffeine can add more than just flavors


The smell and flavors of a freshly brewed coffee are unmatchable. Caffeine has amazing benefits to the body, that when combined with kratom can ensure good health and wellness. Both kratom and caffeine have energy-boosting effects that can kick out the lazy attitude and fatigue from the body and ensure you feel energized throughout the day. Caffeine, in combination with white or green kratom varieties, can make a comfortable pair to supplement each other’s benefits. This combination can increase your alertness level and improve your focus. It can make the individuals active, and as a potentiator, help the effects last longer.

Spice it up with some Cayenne Pepper


The bright red color and the incredible spice you can achieve from cayenne pepper is, of course, a great reason to make it a kitchen staple. But consuming a combination of kratom with cayenne can be a great way to potentiate the powder. You can mix dry powder with cayenne pepper in water and drink it. But this can be a problem if you do not have a high tolerance to spicy food. You can also mix it in a simple everyday food such as in salad to make the spice easier to consume. Cayenne pepper is among the best ingredient to try as it can give an incredible spike in results. It is a highly potent ingredient that strongly increases the strength of kratom.

Another way to enhance the potential of kratom is to include magnesium-rich foods. The combination of magnesium acts in a slightly different manner than other potentiators. It reduces the tolerance level in the body, which gets you to enjoy the effects of kratom longer and better even in the same level of doses as before. Utilize these potentiators to enjoy the best benefits kratom can offer.



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