Lemon Jack Strain Review

Lemon Jack….where do we even begin? If you remember this strain there’s a very good chance you live in an alternate dimension or reside somewhere betwixt the years of 1995 and 2000. It was hard to come by then and it’s fairly hard to come by now. But if you do happen to cop some flower, consider yourself lucky. If you happen to find some concentrates of Lemon Jack, consider yourself VERY lucky and get to dabbing that shit like the real treasure hunter that you are. But for the time being let’s dig into some of  Lemon Jacks fabled benefits:

Smell: It ain’t called Lemon Jack for no reason. Residing on the odorous spectrum between Lemon Pledge and Lemonhead candies, this fruity strain provides all the sour acidity that lemons can dish out minus the tear-inducing, lip-puckering sourness such a citrus fruit commands. And when you crack open a bag or canister of Lemon Jack Wax you will immediately be taken back to the days of liquor store penny candies by its pungent aroma.

Taste: No matter how fruity a weed strain is named it’s fairly rare that it will taste similar to its moniker. Lemon Jack is no different. While it does possess citrus undertones, its main flavor profile is a piney zest that immediately hits your palette with the intensity of a bear attack that you won’t survive. `

Effect: Lemon Jack is fairly potent and will get you high. Don’t feel bad about doing drugs, your parents were and are still doing them now. And if you listen carefully after you take your first hit, you just might be able to hear the moment when your brain shatters into a million pieces and falls out of your nose.

Cost: Lemon Jack is weed. It cost a lot. Unless you know a guy who knows a guy which, in that case, you’re probably not living close to a weed dispensary. No worries though, this is weed worth living in a homeless encampment.

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