Lone Wander Hash Rosin Review

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on some Lone Wander hash rosin from the Hermitwood Apothecary.  If you haven’t heard of this ACMRP farmer you’d better go give him a follow on Instagram.

This grower has been practicing his craft for nearly 2 decades after a skiing accident left him with the need for suitable long-term pain medication. With the help of his family, he was able to begin a modest indoor growing setup and over the years tried a different style of growing but ultimately fell in love with no-till organic growing.

Over the past 5 years, he’s taken his skill to the next level by moving to his current growing site known as the Hermitwood Apothecary, with a new indoor facility in the works as well a the space to grow outdoor we’re sure to see great things to continue to come from this garden.  The flowers that are coming out of Hermitwood are absolutely fire and among some of the best grown in Canada.

Lone Wander Hash Rosin is a phenotype of the Hot Rod strain from dungeons vault genetics ( Motorbreath 15 x Grandpa’s Breath).  Given this strains linage, theirs no doubt as to why it has such a loud gassy smell.  I took the time to smoke some of this rosin through several devices such as a Focus vCarta and a Kahuna Glass dab rig, I personally prefer the taste of a cold start on a nice rig but love the convenience and portability of an e-rig like the Puffco Peak.

Appearance and Texture:

Lone Wander Hash Rosin is a perfect golden to pale yellow with a high gloss of terpy goodness these creamy crumbled bits are a sight to behold.

Smell and Flavor:

This stuff is pungent, Lone Wander hash Rosin is a mix of two of the dankest strains around to come out with a breath that stinks of diesel and skunk and sweet earthy undertones.  The flavor is out of the world and one the cleanest and smooth smoking experiences you can have, the spicy diesel and skunk are the high notes with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Effects and Uses:

This heavy-hitting Indica hybrid strain is the perfect uplifting and relaxing high to treat things like chronic pain, appetite loss, insomnia, and stress.  This clean and smooth high will soon leave you hungry and drowsy and it melts away your pain and stress.

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