Aluminum Herb Grinder with Pollen Screen 56mm | 4-part

A hefty and functional aluminum herb grinder that comes apart into four pieces, this is a sleek-looking and useful tool to have in your smoking kit! The sharp and powerful diamond-shaped teeth will grind up even a larger bud, while the pollen screen and kief catcher will filter and collect all the lovely bits that you can scrape out with the included spatula and save for re-use. The lid is magnetized to keep it securely in place. This grinder comes in solid silver or silver with color stripes, based on availability — either way you’ll get all the features of a large 4-part herb grinder at a fantastic price!

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Affordable 4-part aluminum herb grinder, packed with features!

  • Magnetized lid
  • Nylon friction ring
  • Diamond-shaped teeth
  • Pollen screen and scraper
  • Comes in just silver or silver with color stripes based on availability


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