Black Widow Feminized


  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • High THC levels up to 25%
  • Fast flowering for quick results
  • Perfect for relaxation
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed bud

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Black Widow Feminized Seeds

The name “Black Widow” has been utilized ordinarily since the beginning to depict popular individuals. It has been utilized to portray everybody from sports legends to superheroes and spouse executioners. Yet, with regards to the cannabis network, Black Widow seeds alludes to a half and half as amazing as the lethal, venomous creepy crawly after which it was named.

Plant type 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Up to 25%
CBD Insignificant amount
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 14 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Berry | Earthy | Woody
Effects Relaxed

Indeed, even with such a savage name, this crossover weed strain is a most loved among many insightful smokers. Initially known by a completely extraordinary name, it is staggeringly powerful. Its rapture is ensured to change your crotchety mind-set and leave you feeling jaunty. Plan for the passionate lift and cerebral high conveyed by the black widow strain.

Black widow is a powerful strain of cannabis with between 15% to 28% THC substance. It accompanies some successful restorative properties while offering a fair degree of CBD.

Experiencing The Black Widow Strain

Cannabis dispensaries and long haul clients suggest that Black Widow be utilized in the night times. This is on the grounds that it causes most clients to feel loose and drowsy. It gives a mellow body high impact that can make you want a greater amount of your bed or love seat.

The impacts of Black Widow are generally euphoric. It is conceivable to incite slight cerebral pains and dazedness in new or infrequent clients. Some different clients may likewise encounter dry mouth and eyes. In any case, the impacts are not generally unsafe, as they may likewise feel some type of mental innovativeness.

Since this strain contains up to 28% THC, its elation can be very amazing, particularly for new smokers. With a THC focus that high, it’s nothing unexpected that satisfaction is the outcome.

The first-run through smoker ought to know that Black Widow could create distrustfulness in clients. There is the underlying inclination of feeling high and unsteady, yet it could turn around to go to horrendous emotions in first-time clients. Thus, in case you’re a beginner, utilize this strain with alert.

Uses for Black Widow

In spite of the fact that the Black Widow strain is frequently utilized as recreational cannabis, it additionally contains a great deal of therapeutic properties. It tends to be utilized to unwind and de-worry, just as to get the opportunity to rest.

Black Widow clients report feeling more engaged. This enables battle to exhaustion, making it simple to work better during the day. An expression of alert –  this possibly happens when you utilize this weed in modest quantities.

This cannabis strain conveys a cerebral high. It assists with elevating disposition, sending its clients to a degree of euphoria like no other. It oversees pressure, sadness, PTSD, bipolar turmoil and different tension issues.

Due to its strong indica properties, Black Widow enables clinical cannabis patients to oversee torment. This strain of cannabis conveys a calming like impact, making it a ground-breaking tranquilizer for those experiencing sleep deprivation.

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