Maui Wowie (fem)


  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa
  • High THC levels up to 20%
  • Fast flowering plant for quick results
  • Delivers a light and happy high
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

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Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds

Maui Wowie additionally alluded to as Maui Waui, is a cannabis strain known for its aroma and increases in upbeat vitality. Maui Wowie seeds come directly from the Hawaiian Islands and is broadly utilized as a pressure reliever that sends its clients’ psyches to the fanciful sea shores of its local land.

Plant type 20% Indica 80% Sativa
THC Up to 20%
CBD Insignificant amount
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors and sunny climate
Plant size Tall
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Pineapple
Effects Energetic

Initially from Maui, this weed strain conveys a colorful fruity smell that is consistent with its tropical name. It lean towards developing in a Hawaiian-like atmosphere, so a great many people should develop this strain inside. Be that as it may, a nursery can make a comparable domain, also. It’s a tall Sativa, so give it a lot of stature to abstain from pruning.

Experiencing Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie will set you feeling great. Most feel upbeat, empowered, euphoric and elevated with this strain. The impacts hit the body as much as the psyche, leaving you feeling light and free, similar to a tropical breeze. This strain builds inventiveness while your body glides on great vibes. You’re loose yet not lounge chair bolted. Unpretentious tropical smells and flavors just add to the experience.

Maui Wowie goes straight for the brain. Albeit gentle, there’s an opportunity for migraines, dazedness, or distrustfulness if overconsumed. This is far-fetched, however, because of the smoothness of this strain. A great many people experience dry eyes and mouth.

Uses for Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is an acclaimed temperament promoter. It’s called Wowie consequently. Numerous individuals utilize this strain to lift their states of mind. It has likewise assisted with migraines, and some state it can help hunger. For an agony filled or furious life, this strain resembles a get-away in a toke, ideal for those with stress-related conditions.

Probably the best use for this strain is animating core interest. Its inclination to cause unwinding joined with innovative idea makes it ideal for those that battle with consideration. It’s likewise an enthusiastic strain, notwithstanding being unwinding. In contrast to some espresso, this strain can spur and empower without the caffeine crash.

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