Strawberry Kush (fem)


  • 75% Indica 25% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Fast bloomer producing high yields
  • Great buzz for a daytime smoke
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

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Strawberry Kush Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Kush conveys smooth unwinding without an overwhelming buzz. Its THC content is for the most part between 15% to 17%, however experienced cultivators can arrive at 19%. Strawberry Kush seeds offer an incredible strain for daytime use and is all around adored because of its particular flavor.

Plant type 75% Indica 25% Sativa
THC Up to 18%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Climate Indoor and cool climate
Plant size Compact
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Sweet | Woody

Our feminized Strawberry Kush seeds are 25% sativa and 75% indica. The sativa legacy gives an unpretentious head high, with the indica happiness supplementing it. This balanced strain tastes and scents like strawberry enhancing. You’ll feel the impacts, yet it isn’t overpowering. This makes it an extraordinary strain for first-time and infrequent smokers.

Experiencing Strawberry Kush

In spite of the fact that Strawberry Kush is overwhelmingly indica, it smokes like sativa. You’ll feel a recognizable head buzz that leaves you up, alarm, and prepared to make moves for the duration of the day. Consolidate that with the way that this strain doesn’t cause languor, and it’s the ideal daytime smoke.

Strawberry Kush is a combination of OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. OG Kush conveys intense body-desensitizing impacts while Strawberry Cough gives a psychological, elevating experience while advancing satisfaction. The sweet kind of this strain is ideal for an after-supper treat.

A few clients of Strawberry Kush state it gives them a cheerful inclination. Some additionally state it causes them to feel excited… explicitly. This settles on Strawberry Kush an amazing decision for unwinding and investing private energy with your darling or accomplice.

Similarly as with numerous strains, you can anticipate dry eyes and dry mouth, anyway since Strawberry Kush has numerous sativa characteristics, you ought to likewise be ready for expected dazedness or a cerebral pain. On the off chance that you are inclined to nervousness or neurosis when smoking weed, move slowly with this strain.

Uses for Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush is known for its happiness delivering characteristics, making it incredible for stress-help. Numerous individuals additionally use it to numb the sentiment of torment and loosen up strain in their bodies. The impacts are conveyed rapidly and are gentle enough for even the most incidental smoker.

Strawberry Kush is additionally extraordinary for getting the craving moving. Regardless of whether you have to recoup from an evening of overindulgence and could utilize a little inspiration to eat, or you experience the ill effects of all the more long haul issues, this strain will convey dependable munchies.

The blend of mind-set boosting elation and generally unwinding makes this strain ideal for managing an assortment of issues that the body can toss at you, including a failure to center, unwind or see the positive in things. On the off chance that life is giving you a migraine, Strawberry Kush is one approach to return a grin all over.

Our Guarantees

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