Super Skunk Feminized


  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Easy-growing strain that produces high yields
  • Skunky smell with strong full-body high
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

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Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Super Skunk is a mainstream strain, notable for its seriously skunky scent and adjusted crossover impacts. Clients report solid euphoric sentiments joined with a profound unwinding that makes it simpler to slacken up and appreciate the day. Clear and exact contemplations are met with by and large great vibes with this stinky strain out of Super Skunk seeds.

Plant type 80% Indica 20% Sativa
THC Up to 20%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors and cool or sunny climate
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 18 to 21 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Cheese | Citrus | Earthy | Fruity | Skunky | Sweet
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleep | Uplifted

Super Skunk blossoms incredibly quick, yielding round, fat buds that can convey up to 20% THC content levels. It’s a strong half and half with hefty branches and thick stems. Super Skunk’s indica-predominant characteristics keep it conservative, making it ideal for indoor developing, in spite of the fact that this high-yielding, feminized plant flourishes outside also.

Experiencing The Super Skunk Strain

For some, Super Skunk is a powerful strain that is ideal for unwinding. Being generally Indica, it is inconceivably quieting and may even send you to rest. Notwithstanding, if that is your plan, is anything but a terrible thing.

Super skunk delivers a solid, full-body high that is offset with simply enough Sativa to keep you in-order, engaged and mindful of your environmental factors. Albeit the vast majority will see the profound unwinding, for some, it isn’t sufficiently able to shield you from staying lucid and ready to proceed with typical day by day schedules.

Remember, as smooth of an Indica as it seems to be, it can even now prompt wild giggling, cheerful chattiness, and a significant increment in friendliness. You’ll likewise presumably still get the perceptible red eyes and cottonmouth. In any case, you’ll despite everything have the option to think obviously, in light of the fact that it’s more Indica than all else.

There’s a little possibility of apprehension and mental trips with this strain, so in case you’re different to it, start little. The most probable aftereffect of devouring Super Skunk is a genuine instance of the munchies, so have some solid bites close. In the event that you were feeling the loss of your hunger, this strain makes certain to assist you with discovering it.

Uses for Super Skunk

There are numerous approaches to appreciate Super Skunk, contingent upon your necessities. Since it will in general loosen up the body while leaving you lucid, it’s a most loved among those with consistent pressure. Some have even utilized it to lessen muscle fits, migraines, and different throbs and agony. It has moderate THC levels, making it appropriate for daytime use.

Super Skunk is likewise incredible at actuating a craving, which may prove to be useful when you are experiencing an instance of sickness. In serious cases, sickness can be brought about by things, for example, chemotherapy, which is hazardous, best case scenario. Not having the option to eat makes it harder to recoup.

This strain can likewise enable you to loosen up, particularly when in awkward circumstances. While the Indica characteristics lead to general unwinding, the citrusy Sativa will in general sets individuals feeling better. Thus, in case you’re feeling somewhat on edge, this stinky strain can help smooth you out.

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