Where to Buy CBD – A Guide to buying from Dispensaries and Clinics

Do you still have misconceptions that marijuana is only meant for stoners? It’s time to change that perspective because a big community of doctors are prescribing marijuana as medicine. At both online & offline dispensaries you will find cannabis products that get you high and ones that heal various health issues too. For understanding it in detail, it is very important to know that the marijuana plant comprises two main compounds i.e. CBD and THC. The term CBD stands for cannabidiol whereas THC represents Tetrahydrocannabinol. Here is some detailed information about these two compounds, as well as information on how and where to buy cbd:


The tetrahydrocannabinol is a mind-altering agent that can easily get any person high. Those who want cannabis to get high typically recieve it in the form of dry herb, liquid concentrates and drinks.


The cannabinol compound of marijuana comprises many medicinal properties that heal both physical as well as mental diseases. CBD based products are generally available in the form of tinctures, oils, vaping liquids & edibles.

While buying a product based on marijuana, keep one thing in your mind that the quantity of unethically sourced marijuana is much higher than legal marijuana. Even many legally authorized marijuana sellers also deals in unethically sourced marijuana. Thus; it becomes difficult to understand how to buy medical marijuana that actually contains pure CBD rather than intentional mixing with THC or synthetic mind-altering chemicals. In this article, you will come to know how to buy good quality medical marijuana aka CBD from an ethical source.

Before going further, you must have adequate knowledge regarding the diseases that can be healed by CBD. Here is a list:-

Aids or HIV
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
Anxiety disorder
Type 1 diabetes
Multiple neurological syndromes

Where to buy the right kind of medical marijuana according to your health issue?

Get prescriptions from a physician

Some dispensaries ask for a marijuana card whereas others don’t. For your clearance, it is important to arrange everything in priority. For this purpose, you need to search for a physician in the locality authorized for marijuana prescriptions. Nowadays, you can easily find them online. Get the contact information and call to fix an appointment. Tell them about your problem clearly so that they can suggest the right quantity. Once the physician understands your problem and prescribes the right dosage, it will become easy to find CBD products according to your requirement.

Search for legal medical dispensaries

As mentioned above, many marijuana dispensaries sell unethically sourced marijuana products. Their main objective is to provide marijuana products that get you high. Check the license information regarding a store whether it is online or offline. A legal online seller always shows an authorization certificate on their website or in their store. In mosty regions, sellers ask for a goverenment issued or state issued ID card because of government restrictions. Check the label of each product and read the percentage of CBD. Make sure that it not going too beyond as per the prescription of your doctor.

Stick with a Sativa based CBD

Marijuana exists in 2 natural forms and one hybrid. The natural strains of marijuana are extracted from Sativa & Indica species of plants. Indica is enriched is THC whereas Sativa contains a large portion of CBD compound. It is advisable to go with the option of Sativa. Always remember that the CBD extract is not always completely free from THC. During the extraction process, some traces of THC remain behind that results in mild but unnoticeable impact. If the stuff you are buying is made with the CBD of Sativa, it will have fewer traces of THC.

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If it is concerned with your health, make sure that you are not consuming marijuana by smoking. There are several alternatives available to choose as listed below:-

1. Liquid vaporizer extract

Vaping devices are gaining global popularity among stoners but they are also very useful for the patients who require CBD. There are liquid concentrates available in the market in various flavors that you can inhale with the help of a vaporizer. The vaping devices are completely safe to use because they hit softly on the lungs without producing cancer-causing tar. At medical dispensaries, you can get these vaping devices in various models ranging from portable to desktop size.

2. Edibles

Edibles of CBD are very easy to consume because you just need to eat or drink them. If you buy marijuana in Orange County, they will give you multiple options of edibles including cookies, gummies, drinks & chocolates. Just eat or drink them like any other confectionary. You will not fund any difference in the taste.

3. Topical Gel

For instant and longlasting pain relief, topical gels & creams are available in the market. You can directly apply them to the affected area suffering from muscle stretch or strain. It provides instant relief. If you are using an ointment enriched with THC, it will definitely get you high along with providing pain relief.

4. Pills

If you consider marijuana nothing more than medicine, it is advisable to go with the option of pills. The accurate amount of THC is mentioned on its label that helps you in identifying the right amount.

A list of online medical marijuana dispensaries in California to visit:


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Now that you have gained enough knowledge regarding the CBD compound of marijuana. With this information, it will be very convenient to choose the right kind of medical marijuana.

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